Saturday, August 05, 2006

SweetTooth rocks the musical senses

Remember when jam bands such as the Allman Brothers, Free, etc were cool to listen to? Well it has become cool again to listen to the style of the jam band. A local band here in San Diego by the name of "Sweettooth" has mastered the style of the great jam bands from the seventies with their ferocious guitar riffs and the tight drumming that was heard throughout the era.
The band comprised of Rob Garbowski on drums who use used to be in the band "Lucky 7" which really didn’t workout while Matt Silvia who plays guitar as well is the lead vocalist used to be in the band "8 Ball Rack". That project was winding down so he sought out a new drummer for a new project and that’s when he met Rob through a mutual friend. The two got together for a few jam sessions and while looking for a bassist they did a set at the SandBar with no bassist. From that show they received a lead about a bassist by the name of Jeff Johnson who came on board. Now with the addition of John McBride on guitar the band now sounds even better which I didnt think was possible.
Besides being together in the band "Sweettooth" they are also in the local band "The Cathryn Beeks Ordeal" which is an all-acoustic band along with other members which includes Will Bonner and Marcia Clare.
The band has self-released an EP entitled "Songs for Haulin Ass" which starts off with a song called "Bleeding Nerve" and right away you can tell that this band has put a lot of time and effort into their music. The riffs make you want to tap your toes and just rock out and also the raw emotion that is brought out as well just tells you that this band takes no prisoners when playing. Other songs included on the EP include "Allright", "Belly" and "Dark Night". According to the band the song that best defines them and also makes listeners and audiences who go see their live shows aware of who they are is the song "Belly" which is the third track on the EP.
After listening to this track you will know why this is because the song opens with a nice little drum beat and than the guitar comes in. The song hooks you in due to the catchy lyrics and also in the middle of the song the chorus comes in with all the instruments in which you can tell that the band sounded like they were rocking when they recorded this track. The end of the song is again a very nice chorus with guitar and bass riffs as well as drumming that will blow your mind away. Definitely if you are listening to this track in your car or wherever you happen to be listening to it you will be singing along to it.
I would highly recommend going to check out this band live sometime because you will not be disappointed and if you are than I don’t know what to tell you because these guys will rock your music world like its never been before.
If you would like more information about the band you can check out their website at


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