Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why College Radio Rules

Why does today’s radio really suck? I have heard so many answers to this question with answers varying from too many commercials to certain songs and musicians being aired way too much and also almost every hour as well. Well I might have a solution for people who are looking to an alternative for radio listening whether it be on the internet or on the digital cable or even while driving around.
The answer is college radio. The reason why it’s college radio is because they can take chances on music that isn’t heard anywhere else. Yes, now I know local stations such as FM94.9 and 91X say they don’t play music that is commercial and so forth but they do. Now I am not bashing these stations because I do listen to them myself because I do like much of the content on each station but when I am at home working on the computer I have my internet radio listening tuned into college radio.
Of all the college radio stations in town I am actually going to recommend San Diego State’s own campus station KCR which you can tune in via the internet at or on Cox Digital cable on channel 956 and also on Time Warner cable on channel 957. KCR, which is a volunteer-run student station, has been around since 1969 and many of its disc jockeys have gone onto bigger and better things as well. Some of the station’s illustrious alumni include Marco Collins, Gayle Falkenthal, Ted Giannoulas who became the San Diego chicken, Al Guerra, Graham Ledger, Skot Norton, and Karla Peterson.
After listening to each station for a period of time the reason why I recommend KCR over other college radio stations in town, such as Palomar College and Grossmont College radio (where I was the former music director) is because of the musical content as well as the variety of specialty shows.
One of the best specialty shows on KCR is a show called “A Day at the Beach” hosted by Clint Beachwood on Thursdays from 4-6pm. The show is completely dedicated to surf music whether it is older material or new surf music. Other variety shows include “Death and Taxes” which is about various world political issues as well as local politics. The show is very popular because it is different from other talk shows due to the hosts being actual college students who represent a generation that is termed “Generation Y” and also they actually know what is going on with today’s issues. The show is not a clone of other political shows such as Rush Limbaugh or Shaun Hannity. “Death and Taxes” is on from 6-7pm on Sunday nights. If you like sports they also have a sports talk show. One of the other main reasons to check out SDSU’S KCR radio besides the great music and the specialty shows is because of the great giveaways which include tickets to concerts around town at various venues such as the House Of Blues, etc.
The only drawback to being a volunteer student-run station is the lack of funding. KCR recently had a fundraising CD release party of an album completely comprised of surf music entitled “Aztec Beach.” Tracks include some of today’s surf bands such as “The Migs”, and “Chum” which are just a couple of the bands on the album.
Having heard some samples of the album I highly recommend purchasing a copy of this album because not only is it excellent surf music, the money goes to a good cause in helping KCR raise funds for new equipment, etc.
Also if you are a business in town looking to do some kind of promotional giveaway or even advertising, I recommend hooking up with KCR because they have a huge audience which includes an international audience. Besides having a big audience they have great station personnel who will take care of all your needs when it comes to making sure that advertisers get their money’s worth when it comes to advertising as well as promotions.
I would definitely have to say the main reason to tune into KCR is because of the music, especially if you are into local music or independent music. They play it more often than the big radio stations do. KCR accepts material from all local musicians and bands as well as independent artists which is a plus considering how tough it is to even get considered for possible airplay.
So if you want freedom when it comes to radio listening then I suggest you take a chance on KCR because you will definitely gain a whole other experience in radio listening.
If you would like more information about KCR and how to purchase your own copy of “Aztec Beach” a surf music compilation and station fundraiser then you can check out their web page at


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