Sunday, August 20, 2006

DeadLine Friday Expands The WOW Factor

If you are in a mood to rock and also to listen to some great music than I recommend the local band Deadline Friday. I have seen and heard many bands and musicians in the last six months and they are in my opinion one of the very best.
The sound and style makes you tap your feet no matter what kind of mood you are in and also the musicianship is so tight you would think you are watching or listening to a famous band who plays in front of 60,000 people each and every night.
Deadline Friday is a band that is considered rock/Jam band/Southern Rock whose influences range from the Allman Brothers, Government Mule, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, The Band and Crosby Stills and Nash. You can definitely hear these influences when listening to their album as well as when attending a live show of theirs.
Deadline Friday definitely doesn’t re-invent the wheel with their music, which is good, because no band can do “The Beatles or Led Zeppelin” better than they did. This is a strength of the band in that they use their talents to make their own music as well as including their influences in their music.
The band is comprised of Jimmy Diez who plays guitar and is the lead singer whose vocals definitely show his range musically, Mike Spurgat on guitar and is definitely one of the most talented guitarists in town as well as vocals, Bill Coomes on drums who is insanely talented and finally on Bass Guitar is the talented Earl Schreyer.
Deadline Friday has played for many national recording artists such as The Dave Matthews Band, Tim Reynolds, Gov't Mule, Counting Crows, Toad the Wet Sprocket just to name a few so their talent has been noticed.
The album “Wear Yourself Worn” which is comprised of eleven tracks that include “String Of Pearls” that opens with a great drum and guitar riff and than the vocals comes in and after hearing the first few seconds of the song you will want to continue listening. The fourth track “Jesse James” opens with some guitar playing and a nice easy drum beat and than the lyrics which are very catchy in the way they make you tap your feet come in. After this happens the song comes full circle with heavier guitar and great blues riffs.
Definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album is the sixth that is entitled “Jealousy”. The song opens with great rocking guitar and also an organ as well as drums. The lyrics are catchy and the song definitely shows the influence of old seventies rock music. Another favorite track on the album is the song “Meet Me On The Road” which starts out with a nice country rock guitar and than the drums comes in and than the vocals. The song is simple and catchy and easy to listen to which is great for people who want to listen to a great song. Every song shows great emotion and instrumentation that the listener will want more.
There are so many great songs on the album that I highly recommend purchasing this album because if you don’t you will be missing out. It is this reviewer’s opinion that they are one of the top three bands in San Diego and are definitely one of the best bands that is not on a major record label. No album collection should be without their album.
They are currently in the process of recording a second album which according to sources is going to be super hot and supposedly better than their first album which is hard to believe but if its true than the sky is the limit for the band.
As I have stated before in another music review in a perfect world every radio station would have “Deadline Friday” in its music rotation because their music is original and real which in today’s music world is almost non-existent.
Now onto the gigs, which are by far one of the best things, happening in the music scene of San Diego today.
Seeing a live gig of Deadline Friday should be a requirement for any person who loves great music because they don’t disappoint. The experience of their show transcends your musical mind both lyrically and emotionally in that it expands your mind and makes you want more from the band. You will be musically satisfied the entire evening and you won’t leave the concert feeling ripped off and also your music horizons will have been expanded forever with the all-important WOW factor. For a band to have that all important factor is truly crucial today because of so many bands out there competing for your attention and this is what makes Deadline so unique in the local music scene. This is why they are in the top three of the local music scene in San Diego.
If you would like more information about the band such as shows, merchandise, etc than you can check out their web site at or their myspace page at

Friday, August 18, 2006


San Diego has so much musical talent especially when it comes to female musicians. There are so many great female musicians to name but one has broken away from the pack and has taken the San Diego music scene by storm and she has only lived here for a few months now. The female voice that has captivated the scene is none other than Barbara Nesbitt who moved here from Virginia Beach. Originally just a solo act but now has formed “The Barbara Nesbitt Trio”, which is comprised of Bill Coomes who plays the Djembe and also Mike Spurgat on guitar whom are also in the local band “DeadLine Friday”.
Barbara’s voice and stage presence have that “WOW” factor in that you must stop and pay attention because if you don’t you might miss something special. The whole band is very tight in that they jive together and you can tell that the band has great chemistry and also that they love performing for audiences. Having a backup band has only enhanced the whole experience of seeing what is in my opinion a band that definitely is one of the crown jewels of the local music scene.
She already has won the “Cream Of The Crop” singer/songwriter contest that was put on by San Diego Music Scene and also has been featured on the listen local radio podcast and also was the artist of the week.
In a more perfect world every radio station would be playing the trio’s music and this music would be inescapable. You would also hear their music in commercials, in movies, and of course coming out of your iPod earphones as you worked out.
Having been the music director at KGFN the Grossmont College radio station I listened to many singer songwriters that just didn’t have that “WOW” factor despite many being on major labels which was mind boggling to me because sometimes I didn’t quite understand why they were signed. Also many just sounded the same as well. One of the biggest things that Barbara has going for her is that she has a sound that is real and that is all her own in that her song writing is original and catchy and is very real and not an imitation.
I will be totally surprised if and when everything is said and done “The Barbara Nesbitt Trio” are not more well known outside of San Diego. There is absolutely no reason why a record label representative has not seen this very talented artist and her band and has snatched them up.
The Barbara Nesbitt Trio are definitely one of the best things happening musically in town and San Diego is very lucky that Barbara decided to move here to town and also share her wonderful musical talent.
Definitely if you want to have a great time and also want your monies worth I highly recommend that you go and check out “The Barbara Nesbitt Trio” because after seeing them perform I guarantee that you will go out and tell all your friends about them. If you would like more information about when shows are and also want to listen to music samples you can check out Barbara’s myspace page at

Sunday, August 06, 2006

ListenLocalSD showcases great music talent

San Diego is full of the round-robin style performances where musicians gather together, play their songs, talk and entertain. One of the best of these round-robin style performance series is the monthly Acoustic Alliance, organized by Cathryn Beeks of Listen Local Live. The series began back in December of 2004 and it has taken off from then.
What Acoustic Alliance does is gather twelve of the best songwriters, mostly from San Diego, whether they are veterans or new discoveries to the music scene around town. Each round is made up of four songwriters during which they share the stage and trade the spotlight to perform three of their best songs.
The who’s who of the local music scene has participated in the Acoustic Alliance. Local musicians include Gregory Page, Jeff Berkley, Robin Henkel, Steph Johnson, Dave Howard, Tim Flannery, Aaron Bowen and dozens more. Even lead singers from bands have participated in this event, including Matt Molarius from Transfer, Zach Goode from Divided by Zero and Matt Silvia from Sweettooth.
The talent just gets better each time and it looks like it will keep going for as long as Cathryn Beeks wants to keep doing this fantastic music concert series. It’s not just local musicians who are having the opportunity to perform. Out of town musicians, such as Christopher Dallman, Jeordie, and Kyler England have performed as well.
People who are tired of paying big money for music events will definitely get their money’s worth at an Acoustic Alliance performance. The admission charge is only $6 for more than two hours of great entertainment with twelve great musicians. You can’t beat the price- usually if you go to a concert with twelve musicians it’s a festival and it costs a lot more than $6. Plus, the setting for Acoustic Alliance is intimate with candle-lit tables and you can mingle with the audience and the musicians themselves. Since attending a few of these events I have made some really great new friends as well as new contacts in the local music scene and have discovered new favorite musicians, too.
Cathryn Beeks has done a lot for the local music scene by putting on the best round-robin style of music events in San Diego. Because the word about Acoustic Alliance has gotten out, there are often heavy-hitters on the bill. It’s not just the heavy hitters that people come to see, but the new talent waiting to be discovered. Not just to be discovered, but to be given a chance to gain exposure to a wider audience because it is really hard to get to play in certain venues around town without a following or a great demo.
This is what is so exciting about going to one of these events. You have the opportunity to hear all kinds of different singer-songwriters in action. If you don’t like a certain performer’s style, then you have an opportunity to hear the next performer and so on, but I’m pretty sure you will end up liking the entire performances over all.
Catheryn Beeks also promotes local music showcases at the Tiki Bar in Pacific Beach on Thursday nights. On select Friday nights, showcases are done out at the Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club as well.
Thanks to Cathyrn and various supporters in the community, events such as the Acoustic Alliance will hopefully continue on for years to come. Besides Cathryn, her staff includes the talented Erica Mantone as well as Tim Flack who does a lot of the photography at Acoustic Alliance. These talented people are part of why the local music scene is so active.
If you would like more information about the Acoustic Alliance as well as Cathryn Beeks and her local music showcases, you can go to her web site at to obtain information about her events. Also you can obtain information about local artists and if you are in a band or are a musician yourself you can signup to play in a showcase.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

SweetTooth rocks the musical senses

Remember when jam bands such as the Allman Brothers, Free, etc were cool to listen to? Well it has become cool again to listen to the style of the jam band. A local band here in San Diego by the name of "Sweettooth" has mastered the style of the great jam bands from the seventies with their ferocious guitar riffs and the tight drumming that was heard throughout the era.
The band comprised of Rob Garbowski on drums who use used to be in the band "Lucky 7" which really didn’t workout while Matt Silvia who plays guitar as well is the lead vocalist used to be in the band "8 Ball Rack". That project was winding down so he sought out a new drummer for a new project and that’s when he met Rob through a mutual friend. The two got together for a few jam sessions and while looking for a bassist they did a set at the SandBar with no bassist. From that show they received a lead about a bassist by the name of Jeff Johnson who came on board. Now with the addition of John McBride on guitar the band now sounds even better which I didnt think was possible.
Besides being together in the band "Sweettooth" they are also in the local band "The Cathryn Beeks Ordeal" which is an all-acoustic band along with other members which includes Will Bonner and Marcia Clare.
The band has self-released an EP entitled "Songs for Haulin Ass" which starts off with a song called "Bleeding Nerve" and right away you can tell that this band has put a lot of time and effort into their music. The riffs make you want to tap your toes and just rock out and also the raw emotion that is brought out as well just tells you that this band takes no prisoners when playing. Other songs included on the EP include "Allright", "Belly" and "Dark Night". According to the band the song that best defines them and also makes listeners and audiences who go see their live shows aware of who they are is the song "Belly" which is the third track on the EP.
After listening to this track you will know why this is because the song opens with a nice little drum beat and than the guitar comes in. The song hooks you in due to the catchy lyrics and also in the middle of the song the chorus comes in with all the instruments in which you can tell that the band sounded like they were rocking when they recorded this track. The end of the song is again a very nice chorus with guitar and bass riffs as well as drumming that will blow your mind away. Definitely if you are listening to this track in your car or wherever you happen to be listening to it you will be singing along to it.
I would highly recommend going to check out this band live sometime because you will not be disappointed and if you are than I don’t know what to tell you because these guys will rock your music world like its never been before.
If you would like more information about the band you can check out their website at

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why College Radio Rules

Why does today’s radio really suck? I have heard so many answers to this question with answers varying from too many commercials to certain songs and musicians being aired way too much and also almost every hour as well. Well I might have a solution for people who are looking to an alternative for radio listening whether it be on the internet or on the digital cable or even while driving around.
The answer is college radio. The reason why it’s college radio is because they can take chances on music that isn’t heard anywhere else. Yes, now I know local stations such as FM94.9 and 91X say they don’t play music that is commercial and so forth but they do. Now I am not bashing these stations because I do listen to them myself because I do like much of the content on each station but when I am at home working on the computer I have my internet radio listening tuned into college radio.
Of all the college radio stations in town I am actually going to recommend San Diego State’s own campus station KCR which you can tune in via the internet at or on Cox Digital cable on channel 956 and also on Time Warner cable on channel 957. KCR, which is a volunteer-run student station, has been around since 1969 and many of its disc jockeys have gone onto bigger and better things as well. Some of the station’s illustrious alumni include Marco Collins, Gayle Falkenthal, Ted Giannoulas who became the San Diego chicken, Al Guerra, Graham Ledger, Skot Norton, and Karla Peterson.
After listening to each station for a period of time the reason why I recommend KCR over other college radio stations in town, such as Palomar College and Grossmont College radio (where I was the former music director) is because of the musical content as well as the variety of specialty shows.
One of the best specialty shows on KCR is a show called “A Day at the Beach” hosted by Clint Beachwood on Thursdays from 4-6pm. The show is completely dedicated to surf music whether it is older material or new surf music. Other variety shows include “Death and Taxes” which is about various world political issues as well as local politics. The show is very popular because it is different from other talk shows due to the hosts being actual college students who represent a generation that is termed “Generation Y” and also they actually know what is going on with today’s issues. The show is not a clone of other political shows such as Rush Limbaugh or Shaun Hannity. “Death and Taxes” is on from 6-7pm on Sunday nights. If you like sports they also have a sports talk show. One of the other main reasons to check out SDSU’S KCR radio besides the great music and the specialty shows is because of the great giveaways which include tickets to concerts around town at various venues such as the House Of Blues, etc.
The only drawback to being a volunteer student-run station is the lack of funding. KCR recently had a fundraising CD release party of an album completely comprised of surf music entitled “Aztec Beach.” Tracks include some of today’s surf bands such as “The Migs”, and “Chum” which are just a couple of the bands on the album.
Having heard some samples of the album I highly recommend purchasing a copy of this album because not only is it excellent surf music, the money goes to a good cause in helping KCR raise funds for new equipment, etc.
Also if you are a business in town looking to do some kind of promotional giveaway or even advertising, I recommend hooking up with KCR because they have a huge audience which includes an international audience. Besides having a big audience they have great station personnel who will take care of all your needs when it comes to making sure that advertisers get their money’s worth when it comes to advertising as well as promotions.
I would definitely have to say the main reason to tune into KCR is because of the music, especially if you are into local music or independent music. They play it more often than the big radio stations do. KCR accepts material from all local musicians and bands as well as independent artists which is a plus considering how tough it is to even get considered for possible airplay.
So if you want freedom when it comes to radio listening then I suggest you take a chance on KCR because you will definitely gain a whole other experience in radio listening.
If you would like more information about KCR and how to purchase your own copy of “Aztec Beach” a surf music compilation and station fundraiser then you can check out their web page at